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Shepherd’s Keep

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Section 21 Company
Reg. no. 2001/001302/08
Section 18(A)
Reg. no. 18/11/13/856
Non-Profit Organisation
Reg. no. 005-405 NPO

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1195 Bluff Road
Marlborough Park, Bluff
Durban 4052
Tel/Fax: +2731 466 6106

Colin Pratley
Cheryl Pratley

Colin and Cheryl with babies

Cheryl and baby


Donate now to finish the new building of Shepherd's Keep

Prospective parents need to be screened by the local child welfare society to ensure their suitability as either foster or adoptive parents.

Shepherd's Keep will assist social workers by introducing them to those with queries about adoption or those wishing to foster or adopt.

An attorney works alongside Shepherd's Keep to place many babies in different countries, such as America, Holland, Australia, Italy and others.

These babies keep contact with the Pratleys and send photos at Christmas time—a very fulfilling and wonderful part of the ministry.

"….wept quietly when handed the chubby little boy by the staff of Shepherd's Keep…"

Keith Ross reporting on adoption of baby boy.
Daily News 10 August 2000


Michaela’s granny died in hospital and she was left behind. She has such a beautiful nature, always sunny and happy. A wonderful Morningside couple who were childless had been screened as adoptive parents and were waiting for a baby. They visited Michaela and absolutely fell in love with her. They had scheduled a holiday in Egypt which they left for only to hear while they were away that the adoption had come through. They immediately returned and took Michaela home. Two weeks later, they visited Shepherd’s Keep, and to our surprise, Michaela first looked at her new dad before coming to us, just to be sure – she knew who her new family were and had already bonded with them and this was so amazing to us and such confirmation that a family is most important to a child.
Sandile is a beautiful baby, big and boisterous – we always felt that maybe his mother was mugged rather than that she had abandoned him – he was always so healthy and happy. An African couple came to see Sandile and instantly fell in love with him. The new dad was so proud that Sandile looked just like him and they bought him a flat that same weekend with instructions to have it registered in Sandile’s name. They are so protective that they don’t trust a nanny to look after him and have had the mom’s sister move in with them to be his nanny! When they visited about a month after taking him home, we could see that Sandile knew who we were and he couldn’t take his eyes off Cheryl – he knew this was the person who had so lovingly looked after him.



3 babies are abandoned every 48 hours in Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa.

In 2001, 874 babies were abandoned—that figure trebled in 2002 when 2186 babies were abandoned in KZN.

2003 had 200 abandoned babies per month go through the welfare society of Durban.

Most babies are abandoned in municipal toilets, latrines and refuse bags.

This is mainly due to AIDS, poverty, unemployment.

34% of the KZN population is infected with AIDS. KZN have the most welfare agencies in the country and yet cannot cope. Most of these babies die, as a place of safety cannot be found in time to save them.

The situation is so critical that the newspapers have likened the dustbins in Durban to the GRAVEYARDS OF NEWBORN BABIES AND FOETUSES

The only folk willing to help are too poor to look after any added family and the government grants of R140-00 per month can be applied for, but take many many months to access.

Carte Blanche 6th July 2003


A home for 60 babies has been built.

Ongoing funds are needed to run Shepherd's Keep and to provide for all the babies accessories. More...

My frame was not hidden from you when I was made in the secret place.
Psalm 139: 15

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