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Shepherd’s Keep

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Section 21 Company
Reg. no. 2001/001302/08
Section 18(A)
Reg. no. 18/11/13/856
Non-Profit Organisation
Reg. no. 005-405 NPO

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1195 Bluff Road
Marlborough Park, Bluff
Durban 4052
Tel/Fax: +2731 466 6106

Colin Pratley
Cheryl Pratley

Colin and Cheryl with babies

Cheryl and baby


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May 2010

by Bridget De Beer - Marketing e1c

Photograph taken by Colin Melville – 083 7837255

Group running 2010 Comrades Marathon
Back l-r Wayne Redman, Shaun Westermeyer, Doug Hull, Mark McCall, Jurgen Swart, Andrew Sandler
Front l-r Jody Taylor, Bernie Karam, Lisa Redman, Charlene Swart, Claire Maujean, Olly Maujean

Absent Mike Cunningham, Jon Powers

Every One Count logoFighting for your life, freezing, abandoned, starving, ant-eaten and not even 24 hours old, possibly requires more strength than is needed by the approximately 20 000 runners lining up for this year’s grueling Comrades Marathon.

Fourteen Durban runners, including seven novices, have put their hearts in their running shoes and are dedicating their muscle pain and mental torture on the road to highlight the incredible strength and endurance shown by babies that are abandoned daily in our province.

Just as Vic Clapham ran the first Comrades Marathon on 24 May 1921, in honour of his comrades who had died in the war, so these fourteen will be lending their heartbeats to the hundreds of abandoned babies whose hearts have no voice to speak for them.

This enthusiastic group has added their support to the everyONEcounts campaign, whose initial purpose is to raise awareness and funding through art, for Shepherds Keep, a home for abandoned babies. “In light of the fact that the history and spirit of the Comrades echoes the core values of everyONEcounts, our quest is to hopefully ensure that every single kilometer completed, counts towards something meaningful, because every life counts.” says Olly Maujean, a novice runner.

Lara Mellon
Mobile: +27 (0)82 694 9444

Angela McCall
Mobile: +27 (0)82 606 0558

Bridget de Beer
Mobile: +27 (0)82 572 2197
Every One Counts pledgebridget[at]everyonecounts.co.za

Joan Martin
Mobile: +27 (0)83 700 1011

www.everyonecounts.co.za Every One Counts - Facebook

Some of our toddlers

April 2010

Angel   Daniel
Angel (age 9months) is still leopard crawling about at great speed. She is able to pull herself up to stand and loves to stand in her cot in the morning and watch every body in the morning as preparations to start the day happen.   Here is the first photo of Daniel. It was taken the night he arrived.
Esther   Gift
Esther (6months) is developing well. She is also able to move herself around in the walking ring a little bit. She enjoys being played with and interacted with.   Gift (age 13 months) is able to crawl very fast. He is able to pull to stand and coast a long a little bit. He mainly does this in his cot. He is a delightful little boy with a charming personality who loves to giggle.
Luke   Mfanafuthi
Luke (age 14months) is finally up and walking! He is now able to walk about all over the place. He is delighted with his new found ability. He and Nonku now walk about together – it is very cute.   Mfanafuthi (age 7months) has just learned to crawl on all fours. He is delighted with his new found ability to move around. He is also starting to pull himself up to stand against objects, at the moment his cot is his favourite place to stand in.
Sindy   Lwandile
Sindy (age 4.5months): Sindy is a gentle little lady. She loves to play with the baby gym. She is also enjoys sitting on people’s laps and babbling. She has a very expressive face that seems to reflect exactly what she is thinking. She is able to bear weight on her arms.   Lwandile (age 5months): Lwandile is a happy and very smiley baby. He loves to babble and is able to do this at a very loud volume. He is able to bear weight on his arms and look at the world around him. He is making a good effort to learn to roll as well.
Mandla   Jayden
Mandla (age 3months): Mandla is growing well. He has recently discovered the baby gym and loves to spend time under it. He also enjoys spending time outside in the garden in the pram.   Jayden (age 3 and a half months): Jayden is loves to be carried and cuddled and spoken to. He interacts with people when spoken to and coos and smiles broadly. He also enjoys being in the baby swing and watching the mobiles attached to it.

March 2010

Cheryl, co-founder, matron and visionary with Colin, her husband, and daughter, Michelle, now our successor in God's great plan for Shepherd's Keep, have such joy in thanking our doctors from "Big Shoes" who come around faithfully every single month to examine our babies and prescribe all they need and also manage all blood samples. They are the most incredible group of professionals who deal out their love and compassion in the field they know best!

Big Shoes support

God bless you Big Shoes team!

Our newborns grow so quickly and beautifully, they are cared for in excellence by Cheryl and her team. A nurse, Mercy and live-in babycare manager, Kelly, and faithful supervisor, Anita--these are all full time positions. We have care givers as well, as many as six on duty at each shift.

Mercy, our nurse Kelly our live-in babycare manager

Anita and a helper

Babies in high chairs

There are the running costs which are growing each and every day for which we do fundraise....but always, we believe God is bigger than any problem we may ever have, and trust in Him implicitly, after all, he gave Cheryl a vision, He gave of His wisdom and guidance in each step of the way, and He had Colin, Cheryl and Michelle in the palm of His hands, as we allowed our Heavenly Father to fight each fight for us, and committed this work to Him, only that He may be glorified, that it be nothing of ourselves, but Him in all things, He has kept all of us, staff and their families too.

A baby receiving care

Through all this, we have had babies placed in countries all over the world, and we know without a doubt, God will keep us always in His plan and care to continue the saving of who are special and precious to Him, the orphans of this world.

Babies playing

Colin and Cheryl

Colin has a new website which is interesting to say the least, please visit it at www.colinpratley.co.za

We thank once again, all visitors, (online and off!) Volunteers (of who we have had many and beautiful people of God who have sown loving seeds into our precious babies), donors, sponsors, prayer warriors, you are wonderful wonderful folk..........

A special thank you to James, who has kept our website up and running all these years, we believe there is an annointing of God on this site as it still, to this day, brings many queries to us via e-mail everyday...mail that has saved lives, saved babies from being aborted after counsel, has allowed many mums find the way to adoption, many folk with aids have come through annonymously for counsel, and many others, all precious folk, thank you James, we love and appreciate you!

God bless you all

Pastors Colin and Cheryl Pratley
Shepherd's Keep Home for Abandoned HIV/AIDS Babies
PO Box 21054
Kwa-Zulu Natal
South Africa

Tel: (+27) (0)31-466-6106
Mobile: 0835066570

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"The Lord is ... not willing that any should perish." 2 Peter 3:9

This baby arrived 7 June after being tied up in garbage bags and left for the trash crushers to crush it, but by God's mercy and grace, he was heard crying minutes before and rescued!!

He is safe and secure at Shepherd's Keep, and doing well, another miracle!

"I long to dwell in your tent forever and take refuge in the shelter of your wings." Psalm 61:4


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